Keep it in your pants, you’re making my ears bleed!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hear No Evil.”




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This won’t be as polished as some of my other posts, I’m typing on my tablet and I’m still pretty bad at it.  One finger hunt & peck ain’t my style!  Second, in an effort to keep the dog out of my Chocolate Raspberry Milanos, I now have a generous dusting of crumbs all over me and the screen due to the paper plate on which they were resting flipping over as it flew through the air.    The dog thinks that’s fine (although I prevented her from eating the cookies)  I think it’s messy and I’m wondering WHY I put them out in the first place…  Feh!!

This challenge asks us to share an over – heard conversation that we were privy to, that we wish (in my case, fervently) we’d never heard at all.  I blogged about this in another post and will add the link, once I’m back on an actual COMPUTER and off this one finger monstrosity!

Here’s the link:

To add a line or two to that original blog post, I’ll just say that in my opinion, conversations about one’s sex  and/or love life should be PRIVATE.  A public place is not conducive to privacy, so good rule of thumb — if you’re in public, keep your mouth closed about the depth, length and other descriptors in these matters.   Please?!  You never do know who might overhear…and in your case, there was a modest young man who was subjected to your lewd and lascivious words and your cursing.  Maybe it didn’t bother HIM, but it bothered me on his behalf.  I tend to project finer feelings that may not be present on those I know.   It could be that he wasn’t all that shocked at what you were saying and doing.

The people involved in my overheard conversation never learned the word “discreet” and there was some alcohol (less on his part, a LOT on hers)  involved.

Thinking back on it I wonder if he ever closed the deal.   And if now, three months later, he feels any regret about the whole sordid business.  Or if it was as casual on his part as it clearly was on hers?   Did he have to see a doctor in the subsequent time since it happened?   Do I care?   Well….who knows, who knows and no I don’t.  

I’m just passing some time here folks and I thought this was a good way to spend it!