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Live to Eat


Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?



I’m not sure if I’ve done this Daily Prompt before or not.   If I HAVE, well I can’t find it right now and time is in short supply today.   I don’t think I have done it.

I hate to travel, so I wouldn’t travel ‘for the best meal of my life.’   Besides.

I’ve found ‘the best meal’ in a few close-to-home and rather odd places over this last forty years or so, after I discovered eating out (at a sit-down restaurant with real silverware and napkins) was FUN.  Inexpensive for me too, because at 16 (40 years ago), men were willing to pony up money to feed me because they thought there was a prize at the end of the evening in easy sex.  

I should amend that time frame to be THIRTY FOUR years ago…it happened a lot more when I was 20 than when I was 16.   I went out to ‘dine’ (or what passed for it) about once the year I was 16.   And it was a fix-up date, where my date brought his brother along.   Crappy Chinese food too.   No, he did not get any prize, but his brother found a friend – we worked together that summer and although nothing physical happened, we did talk and joke around and flirt a LOT.   Lesson to me?  Don’t bring your sibling on your date.  Your date might like them better…

Off topic.  It happens.   Here’s one story of ‘my best meal’:

One of the best meals I ever ate was simple scrambled eggs with chopped ham and a little bit of cheese mixed in.    I hadn’t been able to eat for about eight days at that point, and I think even something I loathed (onions, stewed tomatoes, slimy celery) would have been a delight.  

I had colitis (my first bout with that evil little demon) and wasn’t able to keep anything solid in my system for about eight days.   On day six I started feeling really weird, and told hubby to get me to the ER because I thought I was going to pass out.   I was severely dehydrated (which can kill you), and they were able to figure out why I couldn’t keep anything (including water and 7-UP) down (or in).    They found that my GI tract was swollen so severely that they couldn’t get a scope through to look at what might be the culprit; so they labeled it “severe ulcerative colitis” and gave me medicine, which calmed things down so I could again eat.    Never did figure out WHY this occurred though, but I’ve been plagued one way and another with GI problems my whole life.   Not that extreme though.

I lost 25 pounds during that little episode, and on the day that I got my ‘all clear’ to be able to try solid food (hot jello water, Gatorade, broth, and tea are NOT satisfying to the food-o-holic.), my hubby took me to a little hole-in-the-wall where it will never get five stars for haute cuisine.   No gourmet stuff.   Just plain home cookin’.  The truckers love that place (and truckers always know the best places to eat).

I had a plate of scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.   Toast.   A teeny glass of apple juice.  It was all nectar for the Gods.  A meal fit for a Queen.  The best damn meal I ever ate.   I couldn’t finish it, of course, I’m sure my stomach had shrunk to the size of a walnut at that point, but every bite I did get was so delicious I thought I’d swoon.

The place we ate at was maybe a mile from our own front door.   So, to me?   You don’t have to jump on a plane, train or in an automobile to chase down the ‘perfect bite’…it might just be in your own backyard!  

4 thoughts on “Wicked Munchies..

  1. Sorry that last paragraph of my reply didn’t make much sense.
    Yes, my weight did go down to 6 stones during my stay in hospital. I started slowly putting on weight after the roast because I managed small meals after that.


  2. I remember enjoying a roast pork dinner at the hospital in 2007. I hadn’t been able to keep any solids down for about 2 months after I had my spinal operation. I had to be fed through a tube and then given horrible thick energy drinks and liquidised food.
    Eventually I was asked to try the roast and low and behold I managed to keep it down to before mynweight went down to 6 stone.


  3. I like this post. It reminded me of a job I had and we started early in the morning. We would take a break later morning and go to a near by truck stop for breakfast. It was always the best breakfast! Great post, thank you – I am now craving scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. 🙂


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