SUNDAY POSER #64 1-23-2022 – 2ND ATTEMPT


I wrote a post.   It was good.  Not too long either.   Then WP, the P.O.S.,  ATE the whole thing.  No recovery possible.   I’ll try to recraft my original, but dang I HATE it when that happens.  They’re supposed to back up stuff so someone can at least have some of what they’ve been trying to write.  Must be a newbie at the controls today, a newly hired who has their head in a physically impossible location.   🤬🤬🤬   That bozo is gonna go far I bet.

I have a mental health condition which is under the term “Social Anxiety”.   This term covers a host of things that trigger my anxiety.   So anything someone does MIGHT make me uncomfortable.  I just don’t know beforehand.    I’m on meds, apparently fairly highly addictive ones too, so I monitor carefully to make sure I only take them when the anxiety is red-lining.   Having this condition during Covid made it worse.   I’m near agoraphobic now.   I have a list of things that really exacerbate it too. 

People without masks or who vocally and publicly promote their stance against being vaccinated.    That sort of individual has me leaving their presence post haste, lest I let fly and verbally smack their stupid heads.   

I don’t like people getting too close to me in any case, the potential of them being sick too just makes going ‘out there’ worse.

Crowds bother me. I won’t be going to any more concerts unless they’re ‘in the park’ type ones, because at the last concert I was at made it abundantly clear that being that confined with lots of strangers brings out my cray-cray just that much more.     I’m not proud of that, nor do I like that the cray-cray thing gets out of control.   

If I am out there (these days to the grocery store.  Period.) the following individuals or actions are highly annoying:   

People who stand too close. 

People who stink (literally of toxic levels of body odor or urine or whatever. Gawd.  Take a bath!).   

People who stink (literally) of massive overapplication of cologne, body spray (Axe anyone 🤢?) or my personal most disliked scent because it’s almost always overused – Patchouli.    Geez!   Ever hear of using moderation so you don’t burn the eyes and nostrils of anyone who gets within three yards of your stinky ass?   

Loud mouthed pontificators who insist their opinion is the ONLY opinion there is on subjects like religion or politics, and furthermore their opinion is the ONLY RIGHT one besides.  If the pontificator is a politician?  He ought to do jail time.  It’s a double whammy for me.   

Huggers.  You might have met this type of individual once, two years ago, at some social gathering prior to Covid, and you don’t remember their name.   Or you’ve never met them at all.  But they run up to you and grab you and squeeze you and you have flashbacks of that old cartoon (popular in the US anyway), where Bugs (another episode showed Daffy Duck)  is chased and captured by a yeti – one of very little mind (i.e. that “R” word that nobody with any manners uses any more, but for the sake of clarification I’m going to.  This ONCE.   Retarded)  (no offense to the cognitively challenged – my generation was still fairly backward about that).   This yeti grabs up ol’ Bugs Bunny and says (several times)… “I want to hug him and squeeze him and kiss him and touch him!  I’m going to call his name George and I’m going to hug… etc”    AUGGGHHH!   🥺 

Don’t touch me unless you’re invited to.  My family was never a touchy feely sort of family, and unsolicited hugs make me uncomfortable for a large number of reasons.   And it’s entirely possible, given that out of control cray-cray thing mentioned before, that I’ll slap your face really hard or punch you.

That’s a long enough list and let us pray (or whatever if you don’t pray.  Send a happy thought maybe) that WP and it’s %$#! intern don’t lose another of my posts.  Bastards.

Thanks to Sadje for another wonderful prompt!  

22 thoughts on “SUNDAY POSER #64 1-23-2022 – 2ND ATTEMPT

  1. I’d have to agree with you on crowds, I like my personal space, stinks, who likes them, big mouths and especially hugging. As I’ve mentioned before I am not comfortable with being hugged by people who are not part of my close circle. I used to volunteer at a place that had several huggers and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings but I really disliked it.

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    1. There has been no ‘personal’ hugs for me since hubby fell off his perch. But I have church ladies who are real huggy and are dismayed by my reaction (which is negative). I don’t mean to be rude or anything, I just don’t think hugging is the most sensible course of action from people you may not know well.

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    1. I don’t either Trev, as long as I either know the person or have invited them to hug me. Hugs are fine things, but for such as I? Better kept in their proper place. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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