Poetry Wordle 5-1-2022


Time for the Sunday Whirling Wordle 

The word list being provided:

Word List Written Out


As mentioned in the title, I’m going to try a bit of poetry with these words today.   I did NOT successfully finish out NaPoWriMo, because my muse took off around the 20th (?) and did not come back.  There’s next year and I’ll still write poetry even if she never pokes her nose round here again!  hee hee  😄😁 

Okay then.  A poem.  Ain’t saying it’s going be a really good one, but I’ll give it a lash (aka try).

God and Darwin

There was a void and a mighty crash!
Lightning from the fiery Heavens Flashed
Suddenly on barren rock something moved
Then something grew and much improved
Crawled out of the muck that then was Earth,
And the Universe saw a brand-new birth.   

The Planets in their orbits fixed
Spun ’round and ’round, as their order flexed
To make way for the newborn orb
That God had made, and expected them to absorb
Darwin smiled and was beguiled
A new Trail to blaze, towards Eternity.   

A Moon was what was needed next
And the two collaborators’ minds and might were flexed
The Moon was not created to be Embellished
The god and the man still forged on with Relish
As they saw a glorious future for this new world
Their hopes and aspirations were fully unfurled

They carefully Checked all the Boxes and Tipped the waiter
It is really too bad neither Checked back later.
Perhaps it’s best they did not, for the utter discouraging shock
Might have set back Eternity’s clock
Permanently, but reality now could have been avoided.
Of course, our contract would have been prematurely voided.

For man upon who they hung the stars
Preferred fighting, brutality, hate and wars
Darwin had his valid excuse all right
He dropped dead as well he might
Have been expected to, he was man, he was defective
So now we have films like “Pet Detective“.

Stupidity is a bane, a curse, and what is ever so much worse
Man destroys that perfect newborn baby orb
Or thinks he does, he’s that self-absorbed
He’s stepping on his own private parts so tender
Going on these pointless eternal benders
While God laughs or cries, take your pick
Man doesn’t know much of that, he’s far too thick.

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