What Do You See? #142 7-11-2022


Sadje is our hostess for “What Do You See”?  A fun prompt where she gives us an image to view and we’re to write something about it.   Today’s image:

River Fall

I walked the trail again today, fancy free and wanderin’
Just me and my dog, no goal to seek, nothing in mind
Just ramblin’, walkin’, and listening
To the immense silence that in such rare places one might find
When into that deep pool of quiet solitude, a steady roar was dropped
Like spare change upon a tavern floor.

Whistling to my dog, I bade him to stay quite near
Until we could find the source of the noise, now very loud and very clear
I came to a clearing with a log dam, where the water churned
And found an immense frothing water fall, the droplets turned
Twisted round and turned again, beating against the uncaring rocks
Making that all mighty din, like flocks of startled birds flying furiously from wooden docks.

A bride might envy the frothing lace like perfection
Of nature’s hand upon the water there, displayed for my own private collection
Of photos that live in my mind, and are seen nowhere in reality
The heedless water, hurrying to its source, so mighty and yet so care-free
Chiming loudly, flowing freely in that secluded glen
With old trees that do not bend, but slowly absorb the excess dew, over and over again.

I sat upon a fallen log, just me, myself and patient dog
Waiting and watching for what I am not sure, sounds of contented happy frogs
Living their lives in amphibian Valhalla, where food is plentiful
And no creatures come hunting fat burnished gold legs as a delicacy
Maybe the waterfall keeps predators away so the frogs might live a life of fallacy
Nature grows and satisfied, thrives until the time man discovers the hidden trove and shows no amnesty.

Oh to be a waterfall, creating beauty, harming none, if left free to travel its ancient course
But dam it up, take away the free flowing water, and what have you got, things much worse,
A raging river, angry at being pent up, forced to bend to man’s will, nature does not give up
With grace, but simply erupts one day, bursting the boundaries keeping it dammed up
Washing away all trace of worldly things in an expression of untamed victory.
Changing topography and creating a new course in which to run free, 

A waterfall, a simple thing on the very face of it
But complex at the core, the very heart of it
Be wary of being lulled into a false sense of security
Nature still has sharp teeth that snap, white in their purity
Deadly in their intent to rid itself of our infestation
Of greedy creatures who take and take and still never find satisfaction.


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  1. Beautiful story Melanie! Such beauty of expression that you took your readers along with you on your journey of discovery. Thanks for joining in

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