A Co-Truthful Tuesday. 9-20-2022

My internal clock appears to be off by 24 hours!  😣🤔🤐  There’s a second grumpy TMP out there too, waiting for its turn.  

I believe Di is doing this challenge right now and doing a great job!  👏🏼🎆🎇🎈   I have yet another procedure next Tuesday, so I’m not taking over just yet;   But this very odd question (which is fairly personal, no offense if you don’t want to answer).      

and a big tight clothes pin too.  


What do you do when things aren’t moving ‘south’ in that old chocolate whiz-way; while you are trying vainly to go?  (think remedies like Ex-Lax (kicks the  💩 out of Superman (old American joke) Taking that most natural of bodily functions is taking its sweet time? And that involves hours of one’s life) 

I warned you this was an odd question, but all sorts of weirdness pops into one’s head when one can’t sleep because some woman playing with less than a full deck is screaming “HELP” all night because she has dementia and doesn’t recognize where she is.  I felt quite sorry for her until day 5.  After that I admit my patience left the building and I wanted to whack her with a pillow.   More to come on the wonderful adventures in a care home.  

The culprit appears to be the 🤬 feeding tube some dimwit with too much education and absolutely no common sense whatever insists I use.   For ‘nutrition” and more fiber.  And as a result I’ve had Guinness record breaking output.   One was actually as big as my fist.  Somethings are meant to go out the exit hole, but I doubt God ever meant that kind of torture.   I’ve worn this meat suit for 62+ years and I know it inside and out (too much about the inside you ask me)  🤢  Screw the fiber, I already resemble a shredded wheat bar, I’ve got so much fiber.  Nutrition?  Oh please. I’m a child of the late 60s and 70s, when in my demographic of society considered ‘La Choy’ chinese food (from a can and as disgusting as it sounds) haute cuisine.   Cheerios, Wonder bread, McDonalds, TV dinners.  All appealing looking (except that Chinese goop.   I was probably 25 before a friend introduced me to crispy duck, dumplings, tempura (I know that’s Japanese), and salad with the most amazing mustard dressing.   I’ve been totally in love ever since! 🤤  So some ‘dietician’ who was probably born the year I turned 35, telling me what’s best for me?  F*ck you bitch and the musk ox you rode in on.  You know NOTHING and you don’t listen any better than I do.  That’s a dangerous trait.    I’m not doing the treatment as a result and things are now as normal as they get for me.  I mean what are they doing to do?  Report me to the difficult patient police?  Bring it on.  I don’t have even one tenth of a f*ck to give.  The point as I see it going forward is to guard what pleasures I have closely and with ferocious single mindedness.  That definitely does NOT include taking boulder sized dumps.

Because yes, this was a disgusting post, sincere thanks for reading!  😊😆

11 thoughts on “A Co-Truthful Tuesday. 9-20-2022

  1. I second Movicol, my friend. Sometimes more than once a day, but at least it’s gentle, unlike some of those senna products! A friend is happy with the Miralax, but as we’re all different in rates and bundle sizes, start with gentlest and stop when the product is a comfortable size and schedule.


  2. I sympathise! Not being a regular go-er all my life, there are times when a little help is needed. The doc prescribed Movicol, a mild laxative designed really for children, and after day three it worked. I don’t take it often and go with the flow of what is normal for me. Some are like giving birth and I wonder how I managed it. Pain in capitals a mile high.
    Best laxatives that worked for me? Chocolate covered brazil nuts, apricots, and cabbage (but not all at the same time LOL). The latter is a bit fragrant though. Good to see a post Melanie!

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  3. Clearlax is the one I use. You can actually use it every day (though I just use it every other day, or it gets a little too loose). I would imagine you’re taking a few prescription meds, and many of them claim constipation as a side effect. Also, drink lots of water. Good luck!

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